BMDC Doctor Verification: How to Identify Fake Doctors in Bangladesh

Using the BMDC Doctor Verification before seeing a doctor helps you avoid fake doctors and get genuine consultation. The BMDC Doctor Verification system is really important. It checks if a doctor is real. It makes sure they’re qualified and meet standards.

BMDC Doctor Verification: How to Identify Fake Doctors in Bangladesh

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One day you feel something is not right, and experience dizziness. So, it is time to pay a visit to the doctor. Who doesn’t occasionally need a doctor’s visit, given that our bodies are not immune to illnesses?

There is a catch. You might find yourself facing a diagnosis from a savvy business graduate, or, in a worst-case scenario, from someone who’s as academically qualified as a goldfish.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has recently arrested seven men who identified themselves as doctors without a degree. People’s wish to pretend to be a doctor is not something new in this country. Due to the large population and the scarcity of medical professionals, the followers of evil take advantage of ordinary people.

So, let’s ask ourselves how to know if doctor is legit. A fake doctor’s diagnosis can jeopardize your health. So, getting treatment from someone who is a legitimate medical professional is very crucial.

Question in Mind and Trust Your Gut

Always trust your instincts. Sometimes, your gut feeling tells you that something is off about a particular doctor based on the way he approaches you.
Professionalism is much more significant since it may have the ability to differentiate the good apples from the bad ones.  

However, there is an easy and definitive way to verify the genuineness of the doctors.

BMDC Doctor Verification system

To make sure you’re seeing a real doctor, check if they’re registered with the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC). Use the BMDC Doctor Verification system to confirm their credentials. This helps avoid health risks from fake practitioners. Always verify before getting medical help.

Doctor’s BMDC Registration Number

Find out the Doctor’s BMDC Registration Number!

The first and foremost thing is to collect the BMDC Registration Number of the doctor you are suspicious of.

Nowadays doctors include their BMDC Registration Number on their visiting card or pad. If it is not there, you can collect it from the diagnostic centers or the service centers.

A doctor practicing medicine in Bangladesh must be registered with the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). So, you can find him or her in BMDC database which is integral part of the BMDC Doctor Verification system.

As per Section 22 of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) Act, 2010, a practitioner can’t practice allopathic medicine or call himself a medical or dental practitioner unless he is officially registered under this Act. So, it is a golden ticket for them to practice allopathic medicine!

Breaking this rule, as outlined in subsection 1, constitutes an offense, and the individual could face imprisonment for a maximum of three years, a fine of one lakh taka, or both.

Go to the Website

Sometimes the fraudulent practitioners include fake BMDC Reg. No. So, you need to verify it. Thanks to BMDC, the process is very straightforward. All you need to do is to go to the below link which is from the official website of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) where you can verify the registration number.

Go to this link: BM&DC Doctor Verification Web Service (

As you can see there are two types of doctors.

If you want to verify the MBBS registration number, select the MBBS type.

If the dental practitioner needs to be verified, select the BDS type.

Consider only the numbers, even if they start with an alphabet. For example, A doctor’s registration number could be A-64XXX6. But you have to fill up only numbers.

If the registration number is authentic, you can see the doctor’s photo along with the Registration Number, Registration Validity Date, Additional Qualifications, the date when obtained, his parent’s name, and registration status.

This not only helps you identify legitimate practitioners but also allows you to gauge the experience level of the doctors.

The rise of misdiagnosis has a hazardous impact on the victim’s physical and mental health. We have to be observant. There are numerous cases of imposters pretending to be doctors.

Yes, getting an appointment with renowned doctors can be both exhausting and expensive. But it would be best not to be diagnosed by a business graduate other than a medical professional! If you are suspicious of a doctor, BMDC gives you a definitive approach to verify the legitimate doctors.

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