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We’re not invincible to diseases—our health depends on things like the environment, what we eat, how we live, and our genes. We need to be cautious about our health. Thanks to the internet and health-related subreddits, we’re more in the know about our health than ever, which is great.

Reddit is one of the go-to platforms if you need mental support or the healthiest dietary ideas to look and feel healthy. There are specific subreddits dedicated to various objectives, where community members share common health-related goals. For instance, community members of the health-related subreddits enlighten us with their valuable suggestions.

These health-related subreddits cover a wide range of health topics, from nutrition to issues involving open discussions with healthcare professionals.

However, you may find yourself lost in the vast sea of subreddits, unsure which ones can serve your needs. Today, we’re unveiling a collection of amazing health-related subreddits tailored to address your specific health-related concerns.

Subreddits dedicated to nutrition, diets, and healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tough, requiring motivation, support, and new ideas. Or, feeling unmotivated? Listen to success stories! Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive mindset and work hard can kick procrastination to the curb and keep you focused on your fitness goals.

If you need help, these subreddits are the go-to platforms. They’re all about discussing nutrition, the best foods to eat, and how food processing affects our health. These subreddits are like helpful guides for a healthier life!

r/Nutrition3.8mNov 17, 2008
r/ScientificNutrition (Science-Based Nutrition)41.8kOct 28, 2018
r/intermittentfasting901kFeb 22, 2012
r/PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fasting)14.4kJan 22, 2012
r/mediterraneandiet54.4kFeb 27, 2013
r/OmadDiet (Eating One Meal a Day)45.3kApr 6, 2017
r/NutritionPsychology1.6kNov 21, 2013
r/fasting478kJan 6, 2011
r/Water_Fasting22.6kApr 23, 2019
r/leangains (Leangains – for practitioners of Martin Berkhan’s program)274kJan 28, 2011
r/carnivore63.1kJun 27, 2010
r/zerocarb126kSep 30, 2010
r/Vegan1.4mMar 31, 2008
r/keto3.4mMay 27, 2010
r/lowcarb75.3kMar 19, 2010
r/fitmeals401kMar 7, 2011
r/Paleo167kJun 8, 2009
r/vegetarian769k Sep 8, 2008
r/ketoscience546kSep 12, 2012
r/CrossFit1.0mDec 25, 2008
r/loseit3.9mJul 29, 2010
r/naturalbodybuilding244kDec 31, 2012
r/Fitness11.5mMay 7, 2008

Subreddits that assist in gaining insights into your health condition

Occasionally, the internet can be a bit tricky when it comes to health info. Now and then, for reassurance, we turn to Google to check our symptoms. However, this innocent search may suddenly reveal a dire prognosis, giving us only ten days to live.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with an exhaustive list of potential conditions. This can lead to self-diagnosis and heightened health anxiety.

The most effective approach is to resist the urge to Google and instead schedule appointments with healthcare professionals. However, securing a doctor’s appointment is not an immediate process; it takes time.

Occasionally, we’re uncertain about the right specialist to consult or whether a second opinion is necessary. In some instances, all we need is to share our struggles with a community of people who are going through the same thing, offering and receiving immense support.

Imagine a forum where experienced professionals and a community of individuals facing similar challenges generously provide advice and mental support for those taking their initial steps. Indeed, there are numerous subreddits where medical professionals and supportive communities educate patients about their health conditions.

Medical professionals, acknowledging the importance of direct consultation with doctors, tend to avoid prescribing medicine on forums. It’s more about reducing the patient’s misconception or health anxiety.

If the professionals understand it requires emergency medical attention, they let the seeker know about the urgency and suggest to them to receive the consultation from the appropriate place. Some of the Subreddits are some of the best places where you can get initial guidance and mental support. Let’s find out those subreddits.

The health-related subreddits r/Diagnoseme, r/AskDocs, and r/AskaPharmacist are among those platforms where individuals may feel hesitant about seeking a second opinion, medicine interactions, or when dealing with minor health issues that may benefit from emotional support. We must remember the diagnosis from the health-related subreddits is not a substitute for actual consultation with registered healthcare professionals.

r/Diagnoseme37.5kAug 3, 2009
r/AskDocs546kJul 10, 2013
r/AskaPharmacist (Ask a Pharmacist)1.8kSep 19, 2011

Subreddits dedicated to your eye health

Regular eye checkups are essential to prevent vision loss, especially considering the eye’s exceptional sensitivity. Occasionally, our eyes may become irritated, swollen, or pinkish due to allergies or other conditions, and symptoms in the eye require utmost care.

For support and information on eye health, the subreddit r/eyetriage, founded in 2019, has been generously operated by a community of Redditors, including qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists, offering valuable assistance with these concerns.

We become worried dreadfully as we do not know the severity of the unfamiliar conditions. These communities will provide you with initial guidance and advice.

Established in 2015, the subreddit r/dryeyes serves as a valuable resource, offering support, insights, and discussions tailored to address a wide range of issues related to dry eyes. The health-related subreddit r/lasik is devoted to discussions on LASIK, PRK, SMILE, ICL, and various other methods of vision correction procedures.

If you have glaucoma and seek a better understanding of the disease along with a supportive community, the subreddit r/glaucoma would be the ideal place. Another eye-related subreddit is r/contacts where the community discusses all about contact lenses.

The health-related subreddits are great for finding others who share your struggles and making you feel less alone. Check out r/myopia, a subreddit all about nearsightedness. It’s a place to vent, share stories, and ask questions, creating a supportive community where you don’t feel isolated.

r/eyetriage7.2kJan 27, 2019
r/dryeyes (Dry Eyes)8.8kJun 20, 2015
r/lasik21.0kMay 24, 2011
r/glaucoma3.5kJun 26, 2011
r/myopia5.7kApr 6, 2012
r/contacts4.4kNov 13, 2009

Subreddits for skin care and diseases

Discovering a new growth on your skin can be concerning, especially for ordinary people without a background in dermatology. When something unfamiliar happens to your body, it’s totally normal to feel a bit anxious. You might wonder if it’s nothing to worry about or if there’s a chance it could be something more serious.

To gain insights into the situation, you may turn to the health-related subreddits where advice ranges from skincare routines to urgent actions for new skin growth.

It is important to note that while these online communities offer valuable perspectives, you should not be considered a replacement for consulting with a qualified medical professional. Seeking guidance from a dermatologist or healthcare professional is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

r/DermatologyQuestions39.3kMar 23, 2020
r/Melanoma7.1kNov 14, 2012
r/Accutane68.4kJul 13, 2012
r/Rosacea59.3kApr 8, 2009
r/Trichotillomania31.2kJan 27, 2012
r/Vitiligo10.0kAug 8, 2010
r/SebDerm (Seborrhoeic Dermatitis)35.7kMay 13, 2014
r/Eczema (Eczema)76.4kMay 9, 2010
r/SkincareAddictions2.5m Jan 5, 2012
r/Acne990kJan 31, 2009
r/Psoriasis43.2kDec 2, 2009
r/30PlusSkinCare (Skin care for people over 30)1.3mMar 3, 2015
r/tretinoin193kMay 6, 2014
r/45PlusSkincare12.6k Feb 7, 2021
r/AsianBeauty2.1mJan 11, 2013
r/SkinCareScience (Scientific skin care publications, knowledge and articles)18.8kApr 22, 2013

Absolutely, these health-related subreddits are not substitutes for dermatologists, especially when it comes to serious conditions like melanoma. They function more as discussion platforms, taking advantage of the visibility of skin issues. In a recent post on r/Melanoma, someone inquired about advice regarding a skin lesion.

The community members explained the ABCDE rule and emphasized the urgency of consulting a dermatologist promptly.

When someone expressed concerns about a simple benign skin tag, members from the health-related subreddits reassured them it might not be serious but emphasized the importance of consulting a healthcare professional for confirmation.

Health-Related Subreddits dedicated to supporting cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers

There are over two hundred types of cancer, and each one comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you’re fighting against it, you’re a survivor, a caregiver, or a close family member, the journey is seriously tough. Even though it’s hard, sometimes just talking to someone going through the same thing can make a big difference.

It might not seem like a big deal, but connecting with another survivor makes you feel like you’re not alone. The support from the health-related subreddits is like magic, bringing comfort and reminding everyone that no one is going through this tough journey by themselves.

r/BreastCancer (Breast Cancer Support and Information)19.0kDec 3, 2011
r/LivingWithMBC (Community of Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer)1.0kDec 28, 2020
r/cancer58.7kJun 17, 2008
r/braincancer5.9kMay 14, 2013
r/CancerCaregivers (For anyone with a loved one living with cancer)5.0kMar 31, 2015
r/BladderCancer (Bladder Cancer Support Group)894Sep 13, 2018
r/lymphoma7.6kJun 19, 2009
r/lungcancer3.0kNov 17, 2014
r/leukemia4.5kMar 23, 2010
r/multiplemyeloma 3.1kApr 26, 2009
r/coloncancer5.0kAug 27, 2016
r/thyroidcancer5.9kApr 17, 2016
r/CervicalCancer (Cervical Cancer patients and caregivers)2.1kJun 14, 2018
r/ProstateCancer (Prostate Health)6.2kAug 19, 2010
r/testicularcancer (Testicular Cancer)6.5kOct 27, 2014
r/hivaids (HIV/AIDS news and discussion)14.1kJan 21, 2011

Subreddits dedicated to women’s health

A woman takes care of her spouse’s health and her children, but the sad reality is that she often forgets to prioritize her own well-being. This phenomenon is all too common, yet it remains inadequately discussed. Economic and sociological factors sometimes play a significant role.

In less developed countries, a woman may face obstacles rooted in deep-seated social structures that hinder her access to proper healthcare. Specifically, in developing nations, women may feel hesitant to openly discuss their health issues due to enduring taboos.

Many gynecological diseases can be prevented or cured with adequate awareness. The internet plays a crucial role in spreading information about various gynecological conditions and overall health. The health-related subreddits like r/Menopause and r/obgyn actively work to break down barriers and raise awareness.

r/obgyn19.6kApr 5, 2012
r/Menopause61.8kMar 1, 2011
r/Healthyhooha90.2kApr 29, 2018
r/womenshealth98.5kApr 30, 2010
r/birthcontrol127k Jul 21, 2011
r/xxfasting6.8kSep 22, 2016
r/thegirlsurvivalguide370kNov 1, 2012
r/TwoXChromosomes13.7m Jul 16, 2009
r/xxfitness1.6mJul 27, 2010

These health-related subreddits can be very helpful for discussing and understanding diseases. The community can play a great role in supporting mental health. However, one should not take the advice as a substitute for actual consultation with a registered healthcare provider.

Another quick tip: if you’re posting on the health-related subreddits, please read their guidelines before writing to ensure your post isn’t rejected. Every health-related subreddits have some distinct rules when it comes to posting.

1The members in those subreddits were based on the data from January 2024. 

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