What would your cat say about living at your house?

What would your cat say about living at your house?

First thing is If you want to take my advice on getting a Cat, I would say don’t get one. It is not easy to cleanup cat poop. Litter is expensive and even with that the time to time decide to poop under the bed. Male cat urinate here there just to mark their territory.

I usually don’t want pets. But I got two, I didn’t exactly get them, it was fate. Both of them have no home, specially the first one I had to hand feed it was really little and it’s mother left it. So it was a desperate situation. They are home grown so they don’t have the instinct to run away when they see humans which is really bad since many people are psychos they may even beat them to death.

So they stuck with me and I got stuck with them. Besides cleaning up really smelly poop and the cost of feeding them, it’s kind of cool. One of them likes to sleep besides me. When she was little, she used to sleep beside my head and lick my hair with her sand paper like tongue. I guess it was cat way of showing affection.

Other one is a trouble maker. He often go outside and one time he got beaten. It’s really hard to keep him indoor, evem today I had to bring him home again. I can’t really protect him forever, the moment anybody open the door he run outside. And if I lock him up in the balcony he cries a lot and also can slip outside from there since I had to move down to the second floor.

Coco is the female, and Mishu is the male. Coco is really silent, and shy. Mishu is talkative and really active. It’s becoming more hard to protect him.

Get up get up you lazy human bring me food..

Coco usually comes to my bed because it’s winter and she likes warm place. So she would say,

move your a** human, I want the blanket.

Mishu usually poops here and there.. If he would say,

Dude what’s the problem if I poop under your bed, where does your poop go anyway, I’m not seeing them anywhere, do you poop at all ?

I think he is bored living in my little rented apartment..

So whenever he find the door open he would say –

I’m outta here, adios fellas, I’m off to new adventure, I’m tired of not getting enough sunlight you freakshows. Last time You forced me to take a bath, that was not cool, I’m not getting a bath ever again you fool.

When I brought him back to the house I clearly heard him saying,

What! Not you again, Just because you feed me doesn’t mean you own me bi*ch. Can’t you see I’m busy nibbling in the mud! Get out of here you human farm brood, I’m finding my own food from now on..